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Sweary Kim

Mystery UV DTF Sample Bundle

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Each pack will have a mix of 15 mystery UV DTF's.  This will include element sheets, decals, and wraps.  These will be a mix of not yet released, current, discontinued, and clearance items.  The value will be at LEAST $40, and most of the time more than that.  

**Please note some of these items can have  suggestive and crude language on them or reference inappropriate things.  

**You will not get duplicates within the same pack.  Even if you order two or more packs, the duplicates will be minimal, but I cannot guarantee there won't be any in multiple packs.  I also cannot guarantee to not receive the same thing you order within that same order as well.  These are prepackaged in advance.

**These are a mystery and cannot and will not be customized.  Please DO NOT leave notes on your order stating what you want.  

**These will not contain, what I consider, out of season items.  Basically, you won't get a Merry Christmas UV DTF in June, if that makes sense.  With that being said, I am friends with psychos who believe spooky season is 365 days a year, so that is excluded.

 Introducing our premium UV DTF prints meticulously designed for 16oz Libbey glass can cups, providing a versatile application either as a wrap or tailored to fit sizes of your preference.

Key Features:

✨ Waterproof

✨ Durable

✨ Ideal for smooth, hard surfaces such as glass, metal, acrylic, leather, and select powder-coated items. For powder-coated surfaces, we recommend applying additional pressure during the rubbing-down process.

Application Guidelines:

✨ Thoroughly clean the surface and allow it to fully dry.

✨ Place the item on a stable surface.

✨ Peel the backing paper from the wrap or utilize the hinge method for precision.

✨ Carefully position the wrap on your item, ensuring the absence of air bubbles.

✨ Utilize a scraper to apply firm pressure.

🚨 IMPORTANT: Only one attempt is possible as the UV DTF cannot be removed; therefore, exercise utmost care during application.  Peel away the transfer sheet slowly and with meticulous attention.

Care Instructions:

  • Handwash only
  • Microwave safe
  • Avoid harsh scrubbing or the use of abrasive chemicals
  • While UV DTF prints boast exceptional strength and durability, excessive wear, tear, or rough handling may lead to scratches and chipping.

🚨 Please adhere to these instructions meticulously. UV DTF prints are ineligible for replacement or refund. 

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